The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles is a fiction comedy podcast that follows the adventures of a wanna-be actress and influencer as she navigates her way through Hollywood. Carlötta is a marvel of relativistic quantum physics, somehow existing at the extreme periphery of the entertainment industry while simultaneously landing smack in the middle of everything. More simply put, she is a nobody for whom the planets align…a lot.

The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles was a 2nd round finalist at the 2018 Austin Film Festival.



Ann SlÖan - Writer/directÖr/producer

Like Carlötta Beautox, Ann also existed at the extreme periphery of the entertainment industry as an award-winning writer, producer, and editor of TV promos and trailers. 

She is also a screenwriter and alumna of the 2017 Black List Feature Screenwriting Lab.

Ann lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two cats.

She feels awkward talking about herself in the 3rd person so she’ll stop now.

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Laura Lipsön - cö-producer

Even though Laura loved TV as a kid, she swore she would never work in television, aspiring to be an auteur filmmaker like her mentor Raul Ruiz. Then a two-day temp job at CBS turned into a whole career in television where she has been writing and producing promos, as well as videos and documentaries.

Laura can’t wait to tackle the next thing she swore she would never do. Like using Botox.


Theme music composed by Jesse Billson for Sonic Librarian. Lyrics by Ann Sloan.