Samantha GÖrdon — Carlötta Beautox

Samantha Gordon is an actor, singer, and dancer who studied at NYU for Musical Theatre before moving to Los Angeles. She recently played “Sarah” in the Blank Slate Production’s short film “This is #25”. You can also check out her podcast, "The Creative Outlet" Podcast at

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TRevÖr LIssauEr — dave

Trevor Lissauer is an actor known for Sabrina, the Teenage Witch (1996), La La Land (2016) and Reno 911! (2003).

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DAvid allen — Eps 1-8 — VARIOUS

David Allen is a celebrated enigma in the entertainment world. His unearthly capabilities seem to only be matched by his staggering lack of ambition. Does it even need to be stated that his spirit animal is the legendary prehistoric giant ground sloth? We think not. The Carlötta Beautox Chronicles form the first attempt to document his myriad dulcet tones using conventional technology. Will his elusive magic be successfully captured? One might as well ask, "canst thou draw up Leviathan with a hook?" Indeed, only time can say if his mystery will be illuminated or will his legend only grow? 

David played a number of roles this season including: Nathan Fillion, Bruno, Dominick Baggadonitz, Dame Pickles, Carlotta’s Acting Coach, Harvey Levin, and Ian McKellan to name just a few.

victoria hansen — Episode 8 — KHLOE, PARTY-GOER

Victoria Hansen is an actress, writer and producer with a nerd habit. She has worked in sound booths since the age of 10 and you may have heard her in a variety of commercials, podcasts, or video games, including the role of Dr. Welsh in the interactive game St. Noire. She also recently completed work on The Moonstone, an interactive, trans media series in which she starred and co-produced with her team Screen14 Pictures. On camera, Victoria exudes confidence and intellect but she loves that voice acting allows her to play with all kinds of characters.

When she’s not performing, writing and producing, Victoria can be found buried in a reread of Jane Austen, nerding out on anything science fiction or fantasy (especially Star Wars!), live streaming on YouTube with her team Screen14 Pictures, or hiking!

Follow her on social media @toribellious for updates on both work and play!
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Born in Tulsa, Oklahoma to an Austrian lounge singer and a therapist, Justin Mayer began his professional entertainment career at 16 as a pianist in restaurants around Tulsa. During that time, he began working with local theaters as an actor and director.

After leaving high school, he trained in New York City at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, then in Paris with Teatro Punto, Blue Lake, California with The Dell'Arte International School of Physical Theater, and London at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. During all of this training, he founded his own theatre company and learned to sail.

Justin currently lives and works across the country as an actor, stagehand, and deckhand. If placed behind a piano, Justin will fall into a trance and play jazz standards until the drinks run out. IMDb Instagram

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Karen Therese Law is known as the stand-up comedian of her family. She hails from the beautiful city of Portland where she studied theatre and music. During her pursuit of musical theatre, she found that comedy and character voices were her bread and butter. She is also a poet and a dancer.

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Heidi is a VO veteran, announcing commercials and promos in different markets around the country. She is most proud of doing the Emergency Broadcast System announcement for stations in both Kentucky and Texas, as she grew up hearing "This is a test of the emergency broadcast system" every day of her TV-obsessed life. She dreams of being the voice of an airport where she can finally--and politely--tell people on the moving walkway to please stand to the right to allow those wishing to walk to pass safely on the left.
Heidi is also the owner/creative director/producer/editor/dog-treat-giver at See Spot Run Entertainment, making TV promos and marketing content. You can check out her work and even hire her to make TV magic for you by going to


vivia ArmstrÖng — Eps 5 & 6 — AGENT LONGHER

Vivia Eterna Armstrong loves using her talents and gifts to bring stories to life. She’s performed in multimedia, stage, film and TV for over 10 years. Vivia has been referred to as Hilarious, Vivacious, Fearless, Vivid, and Loving causing audiences to connect. A determined and faith filled visionary, she also creates her own projects, been the casting director of 3 award winning short films and loves writing, directing, producing, and voice over. Her voice-over career began in radio and is expanding across multiple platforms from ads to videos and audio books to podcasts.

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Ryan Manuel is an actor from Rhode Island that is most known for his commercial work as a spokesman and his portrayals as Wolverine and Iron Man in various comedy sketches.  Growing up, Gary Oldman was his favorite actor and he aspired to have the same versatility and range.  Often times Ryan has been known for using various accents and character voices in his live action performances, but enjoys the world of voice over because it has less limitations





Aleksandra Kaniak, born in Poland, began her career in entertainment at the age of 6 as a child singer winning awards and traveling all over Eastern Europe.

She debuted on American screens in Three of Heart with William Baldwin and Kelly Lynch. She had numerous guest-starring parts on American TV series including NYPD Blue, Beverly Hills 90210, 24, NCIS, The Event, Grimm, Castle, and Scorpion. Her new upcoming movie is an indie called American Bistro to be released soon.

Aleksandra is also a licensed translator and a dialect coach. Working on the sets of Worst Week and 2 Broke Girls. On the set of “Water for Elephants” she played opposite Robert Pattison as “Mrs. Jankowski” and she was Pattison’s Polish dialect coach. You can find Aleksandra at: IMDB and on

Instagram: aleksandrakaniak and Twitter: @kaniak2010



Chelsea Kwoka is a professional Voice Over and On Camera actor, originally from the other Sunshine State, Florida. She most recently played "Sarah" on screen in the feature film "Don't Forget to Brush Your Teeth" which was nominated for several awards during its festival run. Chelsea was the in-house Voice Talent for two years at the media and tech company PopSugar, and you've probably heard her in commercials and videogames. Aptly called "The Lady Bro", Chelsea is kind and helpful with charm and a quick wit, full of sage wisdom that's served with a side of sass. Her last name, Kwoka, is pronounced the same as the animal 'quokka'. Google it, you're welcome. Check out her IMDB page. Follow her on Instagram @kwokibear

Voice Over and On Camera Actor:

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Chris was a standout high school athlete, earning track & military scholarships to The Citadel. He is a graduate of the USArmy's Airborne School. He has been a working actor for over 20 years. Chris is known for his work w/ Christopher Nolan in The Prestige as well as many "character" roles on over 35 feature films. He has over 50 National Commercials to his credit. He has an amazing ability to be a "chameleon" on camera & with his voice as he creates interesting characters. He has developed his voice thru time, creating many meaningful characters for Commercials, Podcasts, & Video Games. Acting is his passion and he takes it seriously as he creates with passion, love & enthusiasm! 

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BrÖÖklyn joneS — Eps 1 & 2 — ASSISTANT, VARIOUS

Brooklyn Jones is a stand up comedian from Brooklyn, New York. Before comedy, she was a rapper which got her two wins on BET’s 106th & Park Freestyle Fridays. Not abandoning her love for hip hop, she incorporated rap into her comedy by doing parodies such as her Cardi B “Bodak Yellow” Parody, Iggy Azalea “Fancy” parody and her most popular, Beyonce and Jay Z “Drunk In Love” parody entitled “Chunky Love” which has reached over 500,000 views on YouTube. You may know her as the crazy, silly friend from “Flex and Shanice” on the Oprah Winfrey Network. You can also catch her doing stand up on UMC's "The Comedy Underground Series season 2, making appearances on TruTV's sketch comedy show “Laff Mobb's Laff Tracks” and presiding as a judge on her own comedy web series “Petty Court.”


Instagram @BrooklynJonesComedy

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raechel wÖng — eps 1 & 2 — MRS. KINNICKI, VARIOUS

Coveted for her curiosity, resilience, and resourcefulness, Raechel is at once the whip-smart, Rubik's Cube-solving best friend, the kickass femme-fatale in the award-winning "Shut Up and Run," and the voice of the daring spy-heroine in the upcoming "Red House Rising" WWII podcast. In person, Raechel is the lovable, witty, and ever-helpful roommate you've always wanted to have, she'll build the fire on your spontaneous camping trip and help you cyber-stalk your crush (and she'll be there if it doesn't work out, with copies of John Wick 1 & 2 and your favorite ice cream in tow.)
A veritable Swiss-army knife, Raechel is competitively well-rounded, equipped with artistic instincts from painting and music; the discipline of athletic training in volleyball, swing dancing, and martial arts; and the epicurean tastes of a hole-in-the-wall foodie.